While the bus (and Karen) stayed in San Diego this past week, I’ve been all over the place! I first flew to Oklahoma City to present my From Focus to Finished Kelby Training Seminarto a lively and enthusiastic crowd. Many thanks to the Oklahoma gang for making it such a fun day of training.

After the 1-day seminar, I flew right to West Palm Beach, where the annual FOTOfusion conference was already in full swing. I taught three classes there, one of which was a 3-hour hands-on class on directing the viewers’ eye. This event is always a lot of fun because of all the friends I get to connect with. Lots of my photographer/digital artist friends come together here every year and it’s great to catch up and socialize after the conference hours. Among the many instructors who gather here are my friends Lee Varis, Lewis Kemper, Dan Burkholder, Ross Whitaker, John Reuter, Vincent Versace and more.

As I mentioned in previous posts, we recently ordered a new MINI and have been [not so] patiently awaiting its arrival, as it has been travelling on a large cargo ship from Europe. The other day, however, we were happy to see that the ship finally docked just north of Los Angeles, so as soon as it makes its way to the Las Vegas dealership, we can go pick it up.

While I was off teaching seminars, Karen hung out with the bus in San Diego and has been immersing herself in both digital projects as well as a slew of cooking classes. Culinary technique is her new thing… and you don’t hear me complaining! You can read about her week over at her blog, The Pixel Diaries.

More to come…