Back when I was in Chicago, the SPAMobile parked next to me. That
inspired me to visit the SPAM museum while I was in Minnesota. It’s
located in Austin Minnesota which is a few hours South of Minneapolis.
My visit included a spam tasting, a film about spam, the spam museum,
the spam gift shop and much more.


While I was at the gift shop, I bought a SPAM T-shirt and one can of
each variety of SPAM. I had no idea there were so many flavors to
choose from.


They had a special today and my purchases added up to enough to
warrant getting a free SPAM museum collectors thingie. I have no idea
what the hell I’ll end up doing with that.


After I got my fill at the museum, I headed across the street to a restuant that was capitalizing on the fact that the SPAM museum was across the street. That’s where I had my first Spamburger… the only hamburger that contains real ham!