I’ve been using a Verizon EVDO card since I started living on the bus. It seems that they don’t like people who actually need to use the net for their daily business life. I just received notice that they will cut off service for my card starting on 9/6/2006 because I used 10 Gigabytes of bandwidth over the last 30 days. I guess they have no idea that some people actually have to upload/download high resolution photography and do business on the net. I guess getting the satellite dish has become a major priority right now.

Verizon claims my usage is more than 40 times that of a typical user and therefor is going to cut me off because they are assuming (with no proof or any other clue) that I’m downloading movies and that is a violation of the terms and conditions of my account. They have given me no notice to change my usage patterns and have forced cancellation on me.

If I only made a bazillion dollars a year, I’d sue their asses and force them to allow me to up/download as much as I want until they have some sort of proof that I have violated my agreement, but I am just a pawn in the game of life and will have to submit to their stupid-ass whims.

Let’s hope I can get a satellite setup installed by the 6th and that they don’t limit their use as much, otherwise I’ll be without net access.

I think it’s time to dispute the charges on that EVDO card purchase since they are cutting me off without proof that I’m in violation of their terms… what do you think?