Today I had a chance to process another one of the Route 66 shots that I took last week. Route 66 only covers something like 13 miles of Kansas so there wasn't a lot of subjects to choose from. There is a very cool restored train station that I might post later this week (if I get around to actually processing it). 

The photograph above is a five shot HDR image that was shot hand held with a Canon 1Ds Mark III. I corrected for chromatic aberration and white balance and removed sensor dust specks in Camera Raw (I was surprised to see dust spots on a brand new camera that has a dust removal feature… I had only changed lenses maybe four times at this point). I then opened the exposures in Photoshop and ran them through Nik Software's Dfine to remove noise before merging them into a HDR file in Photoshop and processing the image through Photomatix. Note: I detail the process of shooting, merging and processing images in my Mastering HDR DVD. I then did further adjustments in Photoshop until I was happy with the image. 

At this point, the image has been printed as a 13×19" print on my Epson 3800 and it is "hanging" (via scotch tape) in my mobile gallery. I like to leave up fresh images for a few weeks so I have a chance to get used to them. As time goes on, I usually think of small tweaks that help get the images ready to be printed large. The largest I've printed one of my Route 66 images is about five feet wide on canvas. 

As usual, you can click on the image to see a larger version.