Dvivga_2Ever since Apple’s PowerBooks started to use DVI display connections instead of the VGA standard, I’ve had to bring a conversion dongle with me when I travel and present seminars. If I ever forget that dongle, then I can’t connect to a projector, which means I have to either beg someone in my seminar audience to cough up their dongle or cancel the event. The dongle downgrades the prestine digital DVI connection to a lower-grade analog VGA connection that’s required for most of the projectors I encounter.

When I opened the box to my new Mac Mini, I was happy to see that Apple had re-designed the dongle into a tiny adaptor. That’s going to save enough space in my briefcase to make room for my new IPod Shuffle!

I’m not sure how to order these from Apple (there is no part number on the unit). If you don’t mind one that’s a smidge larger and more industrial looking, then you can order this instead for only $6.95.