DropparachutelargeMost Internet Service Providers put a 5MB e-mail limit on incoming and outgoing messages. If you want to send anything larger than that, then FTP sites are usually used. If you don’t have an FTP site, then you’ve often been out of luck when trying to send or receive larger files.

The next time you need to send a large file, visit www.dropload.com. This free service allow you to upload a file and enter an e-mail address for the desired recipient. Once the file is uploaded, an e-mail is sent letting the recipient know they have a file waiting and a simple click of a link allows them to start the download. The file is only available for one week and is deleted the moment the recipient downloads it.

I’ve used this site many times when working on my latest book and found it to be very useful… if you need to send multiple files just stuff or zip them into a single file before uploading.