Karen and I being our normal goofy selves.

The "Photoshop & You" Store
Consider this week's post a continuation of last week's. Adobe's "Photoshop & You" event was in full swing and we stuck around to participate. I spent some more time giving one-on-one Photoshop training and as the weekend rolled around, I was able to set up a light-painting shoot during the after hours party event. People just loved the unique style of photography, especially since we were shooting tethered and the images were being printed out on-site. Not a bad party favor, eh? The star of the show was the giant ampersand and the gang was finding all kinds of fun ways to interact with it.

A short slideshow/video from our "Photoshop & You" experience.


Lee and Carol with the Technopod… and the bus is in there for scale!

Catching up with friends
We also had some really fun meet-ups this week. My good friend and fellow photographer, Lee Varis, was passing through the area in his Technopod and stopped in to be our neighbor for the night. I'd heard a lot about the Technopod, but this was the first time I was able to see it in person. We spent the day catching up over a few brews and then headed into the city for the evening.

Jeremy creates a digital painting of Lee from scratch.

In the city we met up with Jeremy Sutton and Peggy Gyulai, who are both incredible painters. They gave us all tours of their studios and then Jeremy created a digital painting of Lee while we watched and chatted in the studio. What an amazing talent! The colors he pulls out of his head are so out of the realm of my thinking, and the process was just fascinating to see!

After the six of us grabbed a sushi dinner, we headed to the closing night of the Photoshop Store. It was quite a party, and a nice way to wrap up the day.

The view from our table at Greens, for Karen's birthday dinner.

Karen's Birthday
Finally, Karen's birthday was Sunday, and I had a lot planned for the day. After going out to breakfast, I surprised her by taking her to a spa for a full body massage. She came out feeling like jello! Later, we headed into the city and I took her out for some treats at some very "Karen-friendly" stores (Athletica, Lulu Lemon and of course, Apple). We ended the day with a dinner at Greens, a vegetarian restaurant that overlooked the bay and the Golden Gate bridge.