Hi gang! As we recently wrapped up another two-month international adventure, I thought I would share some of the imagery that came from the trip. We started our journey in Rome and over the course of the two months, we visited Italy, France, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro and Portugal. This is what our route looked like:

As you can see, our itinerary was incredible and we were overwhelmed with some of the amazing experiences we had. If we had to choose a top highlight, it would probably be our night time gondola ride in Venice. If you ever get the opportunity to do this, we highly recommend it!

As you may already know, my wife and I have an ongoing project that we collaborate on together. It’s a photo series called “The World is My Yoga Mat,” where I photograph Karen bending into different yoga poses in unique places all over the world. For us, it’s important that the pose we choose fits with the surroundings in a graphical or visually pleasing way. This has been a fun and challenging project in that we are constantly searching out optimal locations for this every place we visit. It’s very rare that we already have a location in mind when we arrive somewhere, but it does sometimes happen. Iconic structures are an example of this. We knew we wanted to make an image at the Colosseum in Rome, and in a gondola in Venice.

During our last trip, we shot no fewer than 80 yoga images, and I have been posting them daily to our Instagram account @theworldismyyogamat. We are also tagging the images so they can be seen on a world map and you can view those HERE.

When we are traveling internationally like this, we are usually doing so on board a Crystal Cruise ship. On the ship, I teach a class on how to make fun movies on the iPad using the photos and videos guests capture on their trip. Our next adventure begins on March 3 and we’ll be exploring South America, the Amazon River, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, etc. You can learn more about those upcoming voyages on our Events page.

To close, I’ll leave you with a few images from this past trip, but we encourage you to check them all out on Instagram by visiting @theworldismyyogamat.