My publisher's web site claims the publication date on my new Up to Speed book is today! That means we should be receiving our first shipment very soon. You'll find a limited time special offer on my web site for $7 off the cover price.

This week I'm finishing up the new handbook for my completely revised Photoshop for Photographers seminar tour. The new version of the seminar will feature many of my HDR techniques along with a lot of special shooting techniques that really take advantage of Photoshop's possibilities. I'll also show how I help to direct a viewer's eye through my images to get them to pay attention to what I want them to and not be distracted by anything I don't want them to notice. Look for the new seminars tour soon… dates are already being posted and more should be added soon. 

If you can't wait for the seminar, keep in mind that you can learn about my HDR techniques on my HDR Mastery DVD and don't forget that you can receive a discount on Photomatix Pro (the software I use to tonemap HDR images by clicking the Equipment Discounts link on the left edge of this web page).

I should be receiving a 39 megapixel PhaseOne P45+ medium format camera with a sweet 28mm f4.5 lens on Friday. I plan to return to Route 66 to capture more images and print them absolutely huge once I'm done.