Hi gang! I’m playing a game of blog catch-up right now, since the schedule has been a little crazy lately. With my recent creativeLIVE event, I haven’t been able to post the last batch of photos from my recent trip. I had one port to go: Barcelona. We were lucky to be able to spend two days in Barcelona, as we were docked there overnight. This was great because there is just so much to see there. Even though we spent all of our time exploring, we still want to return to see more. I think you really need a week in that city to truly take everything in. Barcelona has loads of buildings by the famous architect, Gaudi, who has a crazy and somewhat whimsical style that really stands out from you’re used to seeing. We spent a lot of time visiting his buildings, including the gigantic Sagrada Familia church, which is STILL under construction. We also visited the Poble Espanol museum, which is essentially a traditional Spanish village with restaurants, museums, craftsmen, etc.

Below are a bunch of images from our days in Barcelona. What’s funny is that I’m posting these images as I sit in an internet cafe in Australia. It was only a few weeks after our Spain/Portugal/Morocco cruise that we set off on another adventure, this one starting in Sydney. Over the course of the next two months, we’ll visit 10 countries and 24 ports of call, so stay tuned! The blog schedule will continue to be sporadic due to the equally sporadic internet situation.

For now though, I give you Barcelona:

2013_12_08_025028_Barcelona Spain_0003

2013_12_08_025516_Barcelona Spain_0007

2013_12_08_030647_Barcelona Spain_0023

2013_12_08_030911_Barcelona Spain_0035

2013_12_08_031512_Barcelona Spain_0075

2013_12_08_035112_Barcelona Spain_0084

2013_12_08_051035_Barcelona Spain_0147

2013_12_08_071532_Barcelona Spain_0287

2013_12_08_072017_Barcelona Spain_0314

2013_12_08_073314_Barcelona Spain_0398

2013_12_08_075627_Barcelona Spain_0495

2013_12_08_075917_Barcelona Spain_0503

2013_12_09_023908_Barcelona Spain_0014

2013_12_09_025144_Barcelona Spain_0020

2013_12_09_040219_Barcelona Spain_0100

2013_12_09_043251_Barcelona Spain_0124

2013_12_09_043431_Barcelona Spain_0126

2013_12_09_043929_Barcelona Spain_0145
2013_12_09_050651_Barcelona Spain_0207

2013_12_09_052133_Barcelona Spain_0226

2013_12_09_053005_Barcelona Spain_0271

2013_12_09_053147_Barcelona Spain_0275

2013_12_09_054314_Barcelona Spain_0312