UtsI just received the first printed copy of my new book Photoshop CS2: Up to Speed, which means it should be on it’s way to bookstores soon.

Amazon is taking pre-orders at 35% off the cover price, making the cost only $16.49 for this 175+ page full-color book!

The first and only book to focus exclusively on the new features of Photoshop CS2
designed for anyone who has a working knowledge of CS and want to get
‘up to speed’ with CS2 in the most efficient way possible. The book
covers every change made in CS2 and features full chapters devoted to
Bridge, Variables, Smart Objects, the new Layers Palette, Camera Raw
and HDR Imaging. It’s also designed to let you quickly learn what’s
been moved, renamed or eliminated from the previous version, making
your transition to CS2 as painless as possible.

See what the experts think of the book after the jump.

“Hands-down, this is simply the best book for ‘getting up to speed’
with Photoshop CS2. Adobe should include it with every copy of

–Chris Murphy  Co-Author: Real World Color Management  (www.ColorRemedies.com)

“I’ve been using Photoshop for over a decade, so when I wanted to
get up to speed on just the new stuff in CS2, I turned to Ben’s Up to
Speed book”

–David Blatner  Co-Author: Real World Photoshop  (www.moo.com)

“Ben has a real gift for teaching Photoshop, and the uncanny ability
to make difficult concepts seems absolutely simple. I have every book
Ben’s ever written, and when he comes out with a new one, I buy it! Ben
has a way of cutting to the chase and explaining things in a way that
just make sense. His approach to training has won him legions of fans,
and this book continues his tradition of making Photoshop easy and
understandable. If you want to really dig under the skin of Photoshop
CS2’s amazing new features, this is the book to buy! Highly

–Scott Kelby  President, National Association of Photoshop Professionals  (www.PhotoshopUser.com)

“Learn what’s new, and discover what you need to know without all
the fluff. Yet another book from Ben that proves he’s a true master.”

–Russell Brown  Senior Creative Director: Adobe Systems Incorporated  (www.RussellBrown.com)

“At a recent meeting of the BetterPhoto.com instructors, I offered
them all a free book. All 17 instructors unanimously requested a copy
of Ben’s book. He’s that good!”

–Jim Miotke  Founder: www.BetterPhoto.com

“This book is a must have! Whether you’re new to Photoshop or a
seasoned pro, it will help you get up to speed on the latest features
in no time flat. Ben’s conversational writing style makes for an
enjoyable read, and the excellent organization of the book helps you
learn everything you need to transition seamlessly into Photoshop CS2.”

–Tim Grey  Co/Author: Color Confidence, Real World Digital Photography  (www.TimGrey.com)

“Ben’s book gets to the heart of Photoshop CS2 – what has changed,
what is new, and how you can get the most out of the features as
quickly as possible. With ‘Up to Speed’, you will be taking advantage
of Photoshop CS2 in no time at all.”

–Katrin Eismann  Author: Photoshop Retouching & Restoration  (www.PhotoshopDiva.com)

“Ben’s sessions at PhotoshopWorld are always standing-room only. His
latest book provides ample reason as to why he’s so popular. He breaks
down the complex and arcane side of Photoshop into something that is
understandable. And few things are more fun than becoming better at
Photoshop. It’s a great book.”

–Jim Workman  Publisher: Photoshop User Magazine  (www.PhotoshopUser.com)

“Almost every page gave me at least one useful tip… but that was
no real surprise. What I liked most, aside from the clean layout, was
the way big changes were differentiated from “tiny tweaks”. Obviously,
Ben Willmore knows exactly which topics Photoshoppers want to learn
about, from handling Raw images to understanding HDR, and from working
with the new Adobe Bridge to building variable data pages. This is a
must-read for anyone moving up to CS2.”

–Dan Brill  Publisher: Graphic Exchange Magazine  (www.gxo.com)

“Ben Willmore’s Up to Speed with CS2 is a must read for every
digital photographer who is concerned with speeding up workflow,
quickly getting a handle on the new photographic gems and generally
wrapping their brains around the great new features like Bridge, the
new Camera Raw, Lens Correction and my personal favorite,  Vanishing

–Kevin Ames  Author: Photoshop CS: The Art of Photographing Women  (www.AmesPhoto.com)

“Ben Willmore is the world’s foremost expert on the in’s and out’s
of Photoshop, especially when it comes to the where’s and what-for’s of
all the awesome new features in Photoshop CS2. If you use Photoshop,
buy this book. Period. It will save you time, money and (if you are a
middle-aged male), hair.”

–Jack Davis  Co-Author: How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography, Photoshop Hall of Fame inductee

“Ben is a teacher’s teacher. He’s someone I steal from, uh, rather
appropriate from freely. When I need to learn a new technique, Ben’s
easy-going explanations are just fantastic. His new book hits all the
right notes with Photoshop CS2. Rather than rehash a lot of old stuff,
he cuts right to the chase, and in that easy-going writing and teaching
style of his. Ben has a knack for explaining the complex in plain
English. That is the mark of a great teacher and this book just
reinforces again that Ben is a great teacher.”

–Jack Reznicki  Author: Studio & Commercial Photography  (www.Reznicki.com)

“Learning a new version of Photoshop is always a challenge. Ben’s
“Up to Speed” is the most efficient way to move forward from Photoshop
CS to CS2. All is written in Ben’s unique and easy to follow style.
Highly recommended!”
–Uwe Steinmueller  Founder: www.OutbackPhoto.com

“Up to Speed: Photoshop CS2’ is exactly the book you want to have
next to you when moving up from Photoshop CS. Organized into logical,
digestible chapters, every change and addition is clearly and patiently
explained by one of the most respected Photoshop authors and
instructors today: Ben Willmore.”

–Jay Nelson  Editor: Design Tools Monthly  (www.Design-Tools.com)

“Ben’s books are like getting all the answers before you even know
what the questions are. I tested this software, and I spent most of my
time as I was reading saying to myself ‘I didn’t know CS2 did that.’
This book is nicely done.”

–Vincent Versace  Photographer Extraordinare  (www.VersacePhotography.com)

“If you want a comprehensive and easy to read update on the latest
version of Photoshop, then Ben’s book is the one for you. Ben’s writing
is clear, concise and packed with all the latest info, and his valuable
personal insights.  Ben is no shill, he doesn’t just tell you what’s
new and great… if he sees a weakness he’s quick to point that out as
well. I’ve already made room on my must read-it-all list for the latest
of Ben’s beautifully designed, and info-packed books.

–Taz Tally  Author: Avoiding the Output Blues  (www.TazSeminars.com)

“Up to Speed saved me hours of time acclimating to the new version
of Photoshop. Having all this information in one convenient, easy to
understand format, eliminated hours of trial and error, reading
articles, searching books, and searching the Internet for information.
Making the transition from CS to CS2 was a snap thanks to this book.”

–Lewis Kemper  Columnist: PC Photo Magazine  (www.LewisKemper.com)

“Up to Speed is the quickest way to learn how to take advantage of
all the powerful new features in Photoshop CS2. Ben does an excellent
job at distilling technical information into a book that is highly
informative, easy to follow, and easy to read.”

–Jay Kinghorn  Co-Author: Perfect Digital Photography  (www.ProRGB.com)

“Attention all Photoshop users! Before you launch Photoshop CS2,
read Ben Willmore’s latest book – Photoshop CS2: Up to Speed. The book,
crisply written in Ben’s easy-to-understand style, not only gets you up
to speed, but it takes you to Mach I when it comes to learning and
implementing all the totally cool features in CS2, which leaves all
other image-editing programs in the dust.”

–Rick Sammon  Author of 25 Photography Books  (www.RickSammon.com)

“When it comes to taking complex Photoshop procedures and making
them easy to understand, Ben is the master. His book is where I turn
for answers to my Photoshop projects.“
–Jim DiVitale  Member: PhotoshopWorld Dream Team  (www.DiVitalePhoto.com)

“If you already work efficiently with Photoshop, this is the book
for you. Ben presents Photoshop CS2’s new features – and only the new
stuff – so that you read what you need to learn, not what you already

–Peter Bauer  Author: Photoshop CS2 for Dummies

“Ben Willmore is the clearest and most concise Photoshop teacher I
know. His book is on the top ten list of Photoshop books I recommend to
every beginning Photoshop student.”

–George DeWolfe  Senior Editor: View Camera and Camera Arts Magazines (www.GeorgeDeWolfe.com)

“This book gives an in-depth, direct, and thorough account of how to
use CS2’s new features, written in Ben’s signature friendly and
approachable style. I highly recommend this well thought out piece to
anyone wanting to get up to speed with CS2.”

–Dave Montizambert  Author: Creative Lighting Techniques for Studio Photographers  (www.Montizambert.com)

“Thanks to Ben Willmore’s Up to Speed, the journey from one Photoshop version to another has never been faster or easier.”

–George Lepp  Columnist: Outdoor Photographer  (www.LeppPhoto.com)

“What a relief! Thanks to Ben, I can get down to work with CS2
instead of plowing through other manuals that make my head spin. Call
it speed-learning or call it common sense. Just make it part of your
learning curve for Photoshop CS2!”

–Dan Burkholder  Author: Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing  (www.DanBurkholder.com)