I'm about to present my Studio Techniques class in the Photoshop & You theater.

Our time in Alaska eventually came to an end, and after two weeks at sea, we were ready to hit the road again. We spent a day in Vegas (where the bus was parked) getting caught up on email and other things, and then we were San Francisco bound!

A giant ampersand welcomes you as you enter the Photoshop & You store in San Francisco.

Adobe is holding an event in the city called "Photoshop & You" and I'm happy to be able to take part in it. They're calling it a pop-up store (temporary location) but it's really more of an experience. There is a theater for seminars and other events, Russell Brown has his "Extreme Imaging Lab," there is of course an actual store, and multiple galleries throughout. They've got a beautiful space and the event is really unique, with educational events and one-on-one training during the day, and fun activities with a party atmosphere at night. Oh and by the way… it's all free. Kinda hard to beat.

In Russell Brown's Extreme Imaging Lab, you can print t-shirts, canvas prints, and even have images "branded" with a laser etcher.

I've already spent a few days over there lending a hand and taking part in some of the events. I presented a "Photoshop Studio Techniques" class yesterday, and have also been giving one-on-one advice to anyone who comes in with a question. I'll be at the store on Wednesday also and will be available to help anyone with Photoshop or photography questions. You can even bring in your own images to work on.

Karen competing in the Photoshop Smackdown event on Saturday night.

Saturday night was a lot of fun because I got to be the Master of Ceremonies for the Photoshop Smackdown, where competitors get on stage and are given 30 minutes to make an image based on one theme, while the audience watches, cheers and ultimately decides on the winner. They asked Karen to be a competitor and she got a whopping two hours notice before she was to be up there. In the end, she didn't mind at all because she ended up winning both rounds and scoring an iPad2! (I took NO part in the judging… the audience decided by applauding a vote for their favorite image.)

Here I am speaking in the Photoshop & You theater.

Outside of the Photoshop Store, we've been taking some time to explore the city a little and enjoy the mild weather while the rest of the country is frying. We'll be here for at least another week, as the Adobe event continues through August 6th.

More to come…