Yup. It's that time again. The digital love fest that is Photoshop World invades Orlando. And since we spent much of the winter in Florida, we flew there from Fort Worth. Actually, I flew first to Los Angeles and then to Atlanta to present my Kelby Training seminar. While I did that, Karen flew to NJ to hang with her family for a week. We met up again in Orlando before the conference kicked off. 

Every year, Photoshop World takes on a different theme. Last year was rock & roll and the NAPP team dressed and performed as KISS at the keynote. This year's theme was Project Photoshop, based on the hit TV show "Project Runway." If you've ever been to a PSW keynote you know that they go ALL OUT. So they created a perfect parody of the TV series, down to Julianne Kost taking on the roll of Heidi Klum. Oh, and not only were the dresses themed after different Photoshop tools, but they were actually designed by fashion students in the Orlando area.


Above, my class on HDR plugins is about to start at the Orange County Convention Center. 

I taught three classes this year: Actions & Intermediates, HDR Plugins and Extracting Hair in Photoshop CS5. There were also a handful of new instructors, which was great. PSW is just as great for meeting new people as it is for learning new things. One of the reasons we always look forward to it is that so many friends are converging in one place. 

After this event, it's back to Texas to work on the vintage bus project. More to come!


At the PSW Expo, onOne Software had a photo booth, that Karen and I just couldn't resist.