Here are some shots to prove that I was actually in Maui a while back. The shot above was taken by Peter Liu who was one of the students in the class I taught.

Ben in CIrcle
I spent some time hanging out with Mark and Shayla who were in my class on both this trip and the one before it. Here's what life looks like through Mark's lens. 

And here's proof that I went paddle-boarding with Mark and Shayla. It was my first time out and I had a great time.

The view from behind my lens with much dimmer (probably due to lack of sleep), so I had to use some extra illumination in my shots. Above is my buddy Bron standing next to a vintage bandsaw being lit with sparklers. 

Light Painted Drummer
I also used sparklers when shooting Melissa at her drum set. 

Other times I simply used a flashlight in an otherwise dark room as was the case with Batel above.

Can you tell that I've been addicted to HDR (via my Route 66 work) and light painting lately?