After spending an excellent week in Page, Arizona, it was time to head east into New Mexico. We made travel plans for the next few months and the next stop on our map put us in Albuquerque. (See map below) We spent two days getting there, staying a night in Gallup on the way.

Here’s our [tentative] travel plans for the next month or so.

While in Albuquerque, we’ve been spending a lot of time working and a bit of exploring.We also got to meet up with my friend Charlie Mosher, who owns Graphic Authority, a leading provider of Photoshop templates and design resources. I would see Charlie at my seminars all the time, as he’d be manning a trade show booth, but it was nice to go out to dinner and spend some one on one time catching up.

Shooting the Ring of Fire

When we rolled in to Albuquerque, we knew that the solar eclipse was approaching, but we DIDN’T know that we’d be positioned perfectly to see it. Literally, we could see a perfect eclipse right from where the bus was parked. There was a whole crowd hanging out with lawn chairs, cameras and even telescopes. I took a stab at shooting it as well. You need an extremely dark filter for your camera in order to capture it. To view it with your eyes, you need to be wearing a pair of solar glasses. Considering this is one of those things that only happens a couple times a lifetime, and the chances of it happening where you can actually see it are slim, we were extremely excited and blown away by it.

Here I am shooting the eclipse. You can see the really dark filter on my lens.

My image of the eclipse.

Mastering Curves now available on Kelby Training

I also wanted to announce that my online training title, Mastering Curves, is now available on Kelby Training. I believe that Curves is the single most powerful adjustment in all of Photoshop, yet it can be intimidating if you don’t understand it. In this title, I cover Curves in a series of easy-to-understand videos.You can check it out HERE. The two-DVD set, which includes all the same videos, is also available for purchase HERE.

A screenshot of my Mastering Curves title on Kelby Training.