I have a brand new on-line class available for beginners that describes how to get started with Photoshop. The class is divided up into four modules:

  1. Getting Started: shows how to simply Photoshop’s interface so that it does not feel overwhelming and also covers setting a few preferences that will make you life easier. I’ll also show you how to access your images using a simplified version of Bridge.
  2. Adjustments: I show the most essential adjustments and how to perform color correction and well as fix overly bright or dark images.
  3. Selections: in this session, I’ll show you how to quickly and easily isolate areas of your image so you can apply adjustments that do not affect the entire image.
  4. Putting It All Together: learn to work your images from start to finish and explore a few intermediate layer techniques.

I developed this course because I was amazed when watching and reading materials designed for beginners… most of them covered every single preference and file format available instead of trying to simplify the interface and concentrate on the absolute essentials so students don’t get overwhelmed.

I think you can get a
15% discount on the course (but don’t quote me, since I haven’t tested
it yet) by entering "Ben" as a coupon code when signing up for the
class (minus the quotes).

I currently do not have plans to make this class available on DVD.