Introducing Masters Academy


After teaching digital imaging for over 20 years, one of the most respected names in the business has launched his own private academy dedicated to helping users master the tools of their digital trade: Photoshop, Lightroom and Photography.

Ben Willmore is a seasoned photographer who has traveled to all 50 states in the USA and all seven continents around the world. He started using Photoshop before it was available to the public over 25 years ago, has authored over a dozen books on the topic and was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2004. Ben’s teaching ability is second to none and he has been sought out to speak regularly at events world-wide, including no fewer than 30 appearances at PhotoshopWorld.

“On several occasions I have heard other top Photoshop educators brag on his knowledge and teaching ability… ‘Ben Willmore is the Master of the Photoshop Masters!'”

-Ray Moughalian, Pelham, Alabama

With multiple lessons released per month and a private, members-only online discussion group, Ben will push Masters Academy members to the next level of understanding and competence. The whole idea is to go beyond what you can learn through most video-based classes by making a full year’s commitment to continuous learning.

Different from Previous Classes?

Most classes offered elsewhere start with the basics and build from there until they run out of the limited time they allotted for the class. That limits what can be taught so that every class is rather basic. If you were to look at the instructor’s true use of the program, then you’d see things being used every day that are simply never taught. That’s not the case at Masters Academy. We start where other classes left off and help you to truly master the digital tools of the trade. Here are some of the things that make this different from all Ben’s previous teachings:

  • Unlike all conferences he’s ever spoken at, you won’t be left out in the cold the moment the event is over. That’s because you’ll have access to our private members-only Facebook discussion group where you can get support from hundreds of like-minded members discussing the topics all year long.
  • You’ll see how Ben’s techniques evolve over time, so you’re not stuck using something he stopped using long ago. As an example, Ben’s Lightroom organization system has changed considerably since he taught his last class on the topic. It’s not a big enough change to warrant a completely new multi-day class, but is a perfect subject for one of the weekly Masters Academy videos.
  • Ben can add refinements to techniques where he’s only taught the foundations in other classes. Since he won’t be limited in time at the Masters Academy, he can make techniques more complex by adding all the extra steps that only true masters know.
  • New versions of Photoshop and Lightroom and released regularly and now Ben can cover many of the smaller changes and give you updates on how each version is working out over time.
  • You’ll see how complex projects force Ben to come up with new and creative solutions to solve advanced challenges.

Imagine starting your week by watching a 15-90 minute video lesson. Then, as you spend time practicing what you’ve learned, you can ask questions, share your results and receive constructive criticism from hundreds of other passionate Photoshop and Lightroom users in our private, members-only online group. If you’ve ever read one of Ben’s books, attended one of his seminars, or watched one of his video lessons and wished it didn’t have to end, then you’ve found your solution here at Masters Academy.

The Advantages of Membership

Nebraska Phillips 66-BeforeAfterMasters Academy is a membership (compared to an individual class) because it’s designed to spend an entire year helping you improve. We would also like to continuously add additional membership benefits without asking you to spend more money.

As more members sign up, we’ll invest some of the income generated to adding new benefits. As those benefits build up and make your membership more valuable, we’ll increase the price it takes to become a new member, while existing members can always renew at the same rate they started their subscription with.

Since launch, we’re added the following features and look forward to adding many more as time goes on:

  1. Developed a dedicated web site
  2. Clickable table of contents for each video
  3. Downloadable practice images
  4. PDF companion guides for all new lessons
  5. Transitioned to a professional video recording studio
  6. Members-only private Facebook discussion group

Become a Member Today

Ben-NapaFrame-8If you’ve already read a book, attended a seminar or watched a video lesson or two on Photoshop, then it’s time to join Masters Academy and continue your education beyond what is covered in most educational sources.


To sign up, or just take a look around, visit our dedicated web site at

Is There an Element of Free Anywhere?

In the spirit of CreativeLIVE, Ben will occasionally grant FREE access to a full-length lesson to non-members during a 48 hour period, so people who cannot afford to be a member can still benefit from the academy. We will also frequently post FREE abbreviated snippets from the lessons to Ben’s Facebook fan page to help the community at large and promote the group.

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