NOTICE: Membership in Masters Academy will go up $20 next Sunday! If you sign up before the price increase, then you can lock in your membership for only $107.

I’ve mentioned from the beginning that I plan to eventually charge $197 per year for membership in Masters Academy. As we built-out new features and add additional content we will periodically increase the price for new members. Existing members always pay their original price for as long as they keep their membership active.

We will no longer be tying price increases to membership level goals since we want to deploy new features as they become available instead of based on how many members have signed up.

Since starting Masters Academy we’ve added many new features including:
• 25 video lessons
• Members-only private Facebook discussion group
• Dedicated web site
• Clickable Table of Contents
• Downloadable Practice Images
• PDF companion guides

If you sign up today, you will gain access to at least 77 lessons over the next year, which comes to $1.39 a lesson! The idea is to have one reasonable price for you to have access to all my teaching output.

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