Hi everyone! I want to share an incredible opportunity with you all. Actually, I would say it's the photographic adventure of a lifetime. In Oct./Nov. 2011, I'll be taking a group of lucky photographers and/or adventurers out into wild Africa for a multi-destination trip focused on photography and exploration. 

Here's the deal: We all fly into Johannesburg and spend the following 10 days exploring Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Botswana. We will have a skilled guide, Dana Allen, to lead us on our journey, while I serve as photography and Photoshop expert, to make sure you get the photos of a lifetime. 

Here's some of the things that make this trip so unique: We're catering to photographers. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, you're going to get the most out of this experience. While travelling between destinations in Africa, we'll have two planes – one for us, and one for our gear. That's right. You're allowed up to 90 lbs. of gear EACH. While we're out exploring, we'll travel in open Land Rovers, and each person will have their own row, ensuring a clear view in all directions. 

The time of year was also carefully planned out, as it's the beginning of the summer season in Africa and the camps were chosen for the both the scenic views and the unique animal behavior in the regions where we'll be travelling.  

So if you've ever drooled over those amazing photographs of African sunsets, elephants at their water holes, and wild cats on the prowl, here's your chance. Join me on a journey you'll never forget. 

For more details and sign-up info, click HERE