I’ve been spending a good amount of my time refining images that I’ve already posted to my blog or photography web site. I thought you might enjoy seeing a blog version and the final "ready for a big print" version, which is sometimes radically different and other times almost identical. The main thing is that many of the image were posted to this blog the same day they were shot and I might have been shooting well into the evening and was in a hurry to get something posted before I went to bed. Also, some of the images were originally processed low res to save time and now have to be redone in order to get the quality needed to print them large.

The photograph above was taken in Cuervo, New Mexico. The top version is the final refined product, while the lower version is what I posted on this blog soon after the image was captured. You really have to see these images as a minimum of 13×16" in order to really get a true feeling for what’s there. Eventually they will be printed at least 24×36" and that’s when you should come take a look.