Yesterday I finished the first draft of my new book (still not details to be made public yet). Now it has to make it's way through the editing process and I'll have to refine the results before I'm ready to send it off to the presses. To celebrate this milestone I rewarded myself by upgrading to the 3G iPhone.

I took a quick trip to San Diego last week to look at some old buses. The model I was looking at is called the Flxible Clipper and the one I like was made in the 1940's. I was not looking at these buses to purchase them since they are not for sale. I was looking at them to determine if I could live in a bus that is seven feet shorter than my current rig and does not have underfloor storage bays. After spending a few hours in two buses I found that it could work, but only with some careful planning. I can't just buy any bus that is already finished and would instead have one done custom for my specific needs. The photograph above is of one of the buses I looked at. You can click on the photo to see a much larger version.

I'll be heading to Las Vegas on Tuesday to speak at PhotoshopWorld before heading off to Maui, HI for a few weeks to teach a workshop and chill out with friends. When I return, I'll spend a few last days in Los Angeles before heading towards the LEPP Institute to teach a week-long workshop (I think there are still three seats left if you're interested… but expect those seat to fill next week while I'm speaking at PhotoshopWorld).