Hi gang! I’ve been bouncing around between different events and projects lately, but I have also been trying to create time for working on some images. A couple months ago, I took a little road trip to photograph a bunch of service stations in the mid-west. I have a huge list of stations that I’ve researched and want to shoot, and I’ve slowly been checking them off over the years.

In order for a station to make it onto my list, it has to have the building, the pumps and the sign. After shooting, I do a lot of work on each image in order to give it a timeless feel. I just wanted to share the most recent image with you, and you’ll see that there is a little slider over the image that will allow you to view the before and after versions.


Two new training courses

On a different note, I’ve got two new training courses up in the CreativeLive library. The classes went live a few weeks ago, and if you missed the live broadcasts, you can snag them now to download or stream at your convenience. Click on the links to learn more and purchase the classes:

Ben_Willmore_Photoshop_and_Lightroom_TEXT_1600x900Photoshop & Lightroom Creative Cloud Additions for 2015

RetouchRestorePhotoshop Mastery: Retouch & Restore