I've done a lot since my last update:

• Presented seminars in Chicago, Nashville and San Francisco
• Created a portfolio of 12 finished images from my Route 66 series that are ready to show galleries
• Visited by buddy Robb Kerr in Nashville who's been battling cancer for many years (he used to speak at events like PhotoshopWorld)
• Hung out with Bill Atkinson (the guy who created MacPaint and invented things such as the pull down menu and "marching ants")
• Explored the California coast near Monterey with my friend Dianne from Maui
• Shot some models in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco
• Lost my iPhone (it's been found and is being fedexed to me for Monday delivery)

I'm currently parked in Berkeley, CA where I'll be visiting with my publisher and a few business and personal friends.

I'll be starting a Canadian tour at the end of this week and will be visiting Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

The photograph above was taken in a recording studio in Nashville. It's a wall that's covered with thousands of square-ended sticks that are all at different lengths. I believe it's designed so that the reflection of sound off the walls is uneven. I did some light painting of a band in this room and listened to some recorded music which sounded amazing… but they said they couldn't recreate walls like this in my bus… it's just too small 🙁