As the summer crept to an end, we decided that our fall mission would be color. Fall color. And since we we'll be following the fall color south, our plans naturally led us up to Maine and New Hampshire. We were incredibly lucky to cross paths with the Digital Landscape Workshop Series (DLWS) in Mount Washington, New Hampshire. 

DLWS is a photographic workshop led by photographers: Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, Laurie Excell and Kevin Dobler. It's a pretty intensive workshop, in that attendees are up shooting at sunrise and sunset, and in-between, they're in the classroom mastering Photoshop skills with little time for food or relaxation. And as an added bonus, you have a load of fun!

We were honored to attend the event and spend time with our partners in crime colleagues. Between all of us, we encompassed a pretty wide range of photographic styles. 

The workshop took us to some nice shooting locales, including some rapids and waterfalls, covered bridges, and LOTS of fall color… everywhere. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating, in that we were graced with some chilly rain during most of our shoots. This helped in bringing out some of the color, but made the shooting conditions a bit uncomfortable. (After an hour of shooting the first night, Karen's lips turned blue, and had to retreat to the car.) Things did clear up the last day, and we had a beautiful morning sky, and even some sun! 


There's always a lot of healthy goofing off with this gang! Joe seems to be down with that!

The two of us jumped into the action with me (Ben) ended up modeling while Karen shot and Joe McNally did his lighting magic. Here you can see us shooting and the results Karen ended up capturing.

This shot is dubbed "The Troublemakers," featuring Joe, Drew, Grippi and Stephanie. 

At the top of this post is a five-shot HDR image that I processed in Photoshop CS5.

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