I have negotiated discounts on a few of the products that I use on a regular basis:


Think Tank Photo: I use their Modulus belt-based camera bag and their Airport International roller bag and absolutely love them. I’d rather switch the brand of camera I shoot with than to be forced to use someone else’s bags–they’re that good. You can receive a free item when you spend more than $50 by clicking the image below:

Receive a FREE CAMERA BAG from Think Tank Photo


Photomatix Pro: This is the software that I use to process the High Dynamic Range (HDR) images that you often see me posting on this blog. If you use “digitalmastery” as the coupon code when ordering their product, you should receive a 10-15% discount.


WhiBal: I use and enjoy this simple white balance aid. I believe you can receive a discount my using “willmore” as a coupon code.


Design-Tools Monthly is the only publication that I find myself reading cover-to-cover. It’s more directed to graphic designers than photographers. It summarizes all the news that’s been happening in the industry, delivers plenty of tips and tells you about many upcoming events. I never get a chance to fully read all the other magazines that come across my desk, but Design-Tools Monthly always gets read. I met the editor of this publication well over a decade ago and have talked him into providing a $50 discount to new subscribers.

Zenfolio | Ben Willmore

Zenfolio: Use the code of M95-EKQ-J9K to receive 10% off a Zenfolio account. This is the service I use to sell my photographic prints. Just upload your images, set pricing and have them do the rest. I use the Premium level account which allows you to set your own pricing and make a profit off the prints that you sell. They have a free demo account as well, so you might as well try it out to see if it’s the right service for you.