Today, I drove from Claremore, OK to Lebanon, MO. This was another day when I didn’t shoot anywhere near as much as when I was in Texas or other states. I did end up filling one 8GB card and started the second, but it was quite late in the day when I made the switchover. It has started to rain tonight, which will hopefully make it cooler. I’ve only stayed at one RV park so far, so I don’t usually have the air conditioning running at night… that’s fine when it’s 72° or cooler, but it’s not so comfortable when it’s in the mid 70’s.

I’m being lazy tonight (would rather listen to the rain than play on the computer). The photo above is from the side of a truck that was parked up against the side of an old garage. I did apply the find edges filter in multiply mode and masked it into the letters and lighting effects to darken the edges.