A lot has been happening lately and we've neglected to keep up to date 🙁  I'm going to try to give a quick briefing, then get down to the current stuff. Ok, so here we go…


We spent nearly a week in Chicago. for both fun and necessity. The fun consisted of photography, of course! We attended the Third Annual Worldwide Photo Walk, and our walk started at "The Bean" and meandered around Millenium Park. Photo walks can be interesting, not only for the great locations, but for the gear you bring. I (Karen) brought one lens… a 14-24, 2.8, and Ben, I must admit, was much more creative. He spent the entire day shooting with a lensbaby… awesome!! 

Below is a slideshow video from the worldwide photo walk in Chicago…,.

Then came the necessity. The bus hasn't been too happy these days, and needed some tending to. So for about 3-4 days, we were parked at Joe's place, for maintenance. Now this guy, he's not your typical high end bus maintenance guy. He's truly dedicated, and if possible, he would rather fix the pieces of one big broken part, rather than replace the whole thing, which is so much more cost effective (and nicer!). He also knows busses so well that you would think he built them from scratch. Check out Joe's site HERE. While we were there, the bus' generator was completely fixed (ALLELUIA!!!), some small switches were tended to, and the tag tires were fixed, meaning we can now raise the rear axel, which would enable sharper turns. And oh yeah, these bus guys also wired the lil' Mini Cooper for turn signals and tail lights, while were on the road. 


After Chicago, we made a stop in Detroit. The Maker Faire was happening there, and it was happening at the Henry Ford Museum! So we had a blast exploring the amazing creations at Maker Faire, while also learning a ton inside the Henry Ford Museum. Below is a video I make from Maker Faire. I just LOVE Ben driving around in that wacky bike!

So after Detroit, we headed back east. We spent a week or two in NJ before heading north. While in NJ we attended the Jersey Fresh Food and Wine Fest, which i have blogged about, and added tons of fun photos HERE

New York:

We spent a few weeks in NY, where we got a lot of work done, and prepped for Photoshop World. I (Karen) did a blog post on some Long Island stuff, and you can check that out HERE.  

Photoshop World:

Yup, it's that time again. Photoshop World Vegas came up before we knew it! It's one of our favorite times of the year, because there are so many friends uniting in one place, and so much to be learned at the same time. Ben's classes this time around were Hacking Photoshop, Lightpainting for Fun and Profit, and Photoshop Safety Measures. And of course, it's always great to stay in Las Vegas. We got to hang out with some friends (who are locals), and see the AMAZING show, Le Reve, in the Wynn. Just another jam-packed week of teaching, learning, fun and inspiration!

I did a series of posts on Photoshop World over at my blog, The Pixel Diaries.