So far this year, I’ve changed my overall travel plans at least three times and I’m doing it again. I’ve decided not to drive to the Calgary event and to possibly skip a visit to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Instead, I’m going to try to get permission to photograph the Neon Museum’s storage lot in Las Vegas and then follow old Route 66 to Santa Monica and continue on to Los Osos where I’ll be presenting a week long hands-on event at the Lepp Institute. After that, I might follow Route 66 all the way to Chicago and then explore the East coast… but of course, my plans could change again at any time… that’s one of the benefits of my mobile lifestyle.

I’m not really happy with the image above, but I’m too visual of a person to post anything that doesn’t include a graphic and this image was close at hand, so I thought I’d use it. It’s a single exposure with some enhancement to the roadway to make the car streak stand out (but I think that enhancement is a bit too obvious).