Two Week Vacation from Blogging


Just thought you’d want to know that I’m in the middle of taking a two week vacation from blogging. I’m trying to make many transitions and need to break out of my normal routine. I would like to get back into posting an image a day and more very soon.

Here’s an image to tide you over until I return. This photograph was taken in Shamrock Texas. You can even see the bus in the background on the right. I’m nowhere near done with the image, but wanted something to post along with this note.

Finished Moving In

Today I was able to get all my stuff unpacked and stored away in various drawers, closets and basement storage bays. I was also able to simply relax and hang out for a while with a friend, which made it feel like I’ve really completed the moving process. I’ll be heading to Miami for PhotoshopWorld early Tuesday morning.

3/4 Moved In

I returned the U-Haul trailer today and was happy to no longer see boxes scattered all over the place.

I have everything but my office gear unpacked. My first priority is to get everything secured so I can drive the bus without having something fly through the air each time I hit the brakes. That means securing loose objects with earthquake putty and adding grippy stuff to the bottom of most cabinet shelves (the stuff people use to prevent rugs from sliding on wood floors).

Movin’ In


Tonight will be my first night sleeping on the bus. It’s parked at the dealer where I bought it and I’ll be here for a few more days so I can get used to many of the systems on the bus. Everything is a mess right now,but it should be more sane in another 24 hours.

Posted From: Liberty Coach, Stuart, FL

Made it to Florida

I made it from Atlanta to Stuart, FL today and will start the motorcoach orientation tomorrow morning. Tomorrow should also be my first night sleeping on the bus.

Posted from: Ramada Inn, Stuart, FL

Visiting Eddie Tapp in Atlanta

After dealing with some business details and getting my corporate taxes sent in, I hit the road at around noon today and drove all the way to Atlanta. I have one day of driving left before I arrive in Stuart, FL, which is where the motorcoach is located.

Posted From: Eddie Tapp’s place in Atlanta, GA