Interviewed On Your Mac Life


I was interviewed by Shawn King at Your Mac Life during Photoshop World. He had some great questions and concentrated on the details of my bus adventure… but we do get to Photoshop at the end. I come in after the halfway point of the show.

Interview: Ben Willmore

MugOk, it’s time for my first ever self-interview! Well, it’s not quite that bad… you guys supplied the questions.

You’ll hear all about my past and future after the jump.


Interview: Bert Monroy

OaklandToday marks the start of a new feature on WhereIsBen where I Interview significant people in the digital imaging industry.

The first interview is with Bert Monroy who is the best photo-realistic illustrator I
have ever had the pleasure to meet. His images are simply amazing,
especially when you know that they are all 100% hand made using
programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. He’s been creating digital art
for over 20 years and started with a 128K Mac back in 1984. I featured a gallery of his work earlier this month.

Bert is also touring the country with his Creativity seminar and has multiple books available. I’ve known Bert for years and always learn something when he opens his mouth.

The interview can be found after the jump.