Back to Quito, Ecuador


I’ve made it back to Quito after spending about a week exploring the Galapagos Islands. I had a great time and shot many gigabytes of photographs. I’ll be in Quito for another day before heading to Orlando for a night and then Phoenix for a night before jumping in the bus and heading toward San Diego, which is where I’ll fly out of for my next international adventure.

The photograph above was taken with my Canon 15mm fisheye lens. It’s a bracket of three shots that were shot hand-held and merged into an HDR image (as described in my HDR DVD).

I’ll be marking all my blog photographs with obvious copyright notices since people have been steeling the images and using them without crediting me or linking back to this site.

Lazy Blogger Update


Since my last post, I’ve driven the bus to Tucson, AZ. I then drove my Jeep to Phoenix and shot an abandoned mine with my buddy Jim and looked into a 1950’s bus as possible future vehicle (it’s just research, I haven’t made any decisions or changes yet).

I just finished speaking at PhotoshopWorld in Orlando and I’m now exploring Quito, which is the capital of Ecuador. I’ll be spending a few days here before exploring the Galapagos Islands with a group of photographers.

When I return, I’ll have about a week to get the bus to San Diego before I fly out to Dubai for a while.

The image above is a shot of the type of bus I looked at in Phoenix (yes, it’s the same kind that was used in the movie RV). I’m considering having one restored and using it to promote a future book on Route 66. It’s just a dream at the moment and would take a lot more research before I’d know it things would work out.

Austin, TX to El Paso, TX


This morning I met up with Trey Ratcliff from He travels the globe as part of his work for a computer gaming company. He mainly shoots HDR and posts an image almost every day on his blog. We had a great time chatting about international travel, HDR and photography in general.

I also drove about 576 miles today and made it to the outskirts of El Paso. I plan to continue on tomorrow and want to end up in Phoenix, AZ by the end of they day.

New Orleans, LA to Ft. Worth, TX


Today, I drove to Ft. Worth, TX where I will have a brake job done on the bus. I will then drive to Austin Monday night. I had a great time in New Orleans and now need to buckle down and get some work done.


Exploring New Orleans, LA


I’ve settled in New Orleans and plan to stay here for a full week. I’m parked within walking distance of French Quarter and have found many interesting potential shooting locations.

I’ve been spending a good amount of my time refining my Route 66 images and I now have twelve that are ready to be printed at 24×36" Above is one example of an image ready to be printed big. I’m 1/3 of the way to my goal of having 35 images ready for a gallery show.

The version below is the unrefined version that I originally posted on this blog.


Orlando, FL to Mobile, AL


Today I drove about 495.7 miles and will spend the night in Mobile, AL. Tomorrow I plan to continue on to New Orleans, LA. I might spend a few days in that area before heading toward Texas. Let me know if you have any suggestions for what to explore on this journey.