Better iPod Accessories


Paul over at One Digital Life has a good post about how to save money on iPod accessories. He compares the price of Apple’s accessories to what you can get from third parties and how those alternative options cost a lot less and many times are more utilitarian.

Flipbook Printer


All you need to create your own flipbook animations is a AVI movie file, a pack of business card paper for your printer and the Flipbook Printer (Windows), or Movie Flipper software (Mac). It will print each frame of the movie to an individual business card, you staple the results and flip away. This free software can help you produce low-cost personalized gifts so you can have more money left over for your photo equipment addition 🙂

via Lifehacker

Young Activity Trailer (YAT)


Here’s a sweet trailer that you can have outfitted with a bed, sink, toilet and storage space, or have it setup to haul two motorcycles and fold down benches. It could be the perfect companion to your next photo taking adventure.

Interesting Optical Illusion Site


This site is full of interesting optical illusions that will mess with your mind. For instance, in the image above, all the lines are parallel and the white and black boxes are real squares of the same size.