Dvd_masteringcameraraw_largeMy new Mastering Camera Raw DVD is now available! It’s a two DVD set that has darn near 2.5 hours of contents and covers just about everything you’d want to know about getting the most out of raw files:

  • The fundamentals of Camera Raw
  • How to use the Adjust Tab, Detail Tab, and the Curve Tab settings to fine tune your images
  • The tricks the pros use to correct lens problems by utilizing the Lens Tab
  • Using the Calibrate Tab to adjust your camera’s accuracy
  • How to bring all the tools together to get the most out of your work
  • Unlock the power of Photoshop CS2’s new "Adobe Bridge"
  • Utilizing The Cache custom settings and more
  • What File Formats to use and when
  • Plus a great collection of "Power Tips" to take your skills to the next level