I went to the Palm Beach Boat Show today. Whenever I decide to stop living on a Motorcoach, I’d like to start living on a motoryacht. I saw two boats that would fit the bill perfectly: a 75′ Sunseeker and a 78′ Ocean Alexander.

I met Mike on the very first boat I walked on to (he’s the sales guy for Sunseeker). He asked where I live and when I told him it was on a motorcoach, he was full of questions. He knew all about them and had been wanting to purchase one for a while. He even looked at my coach on-line weeks before I picked it up. He had a huge case of MDP (Mad Prevost Disease).

They make you take your shoes off and leave them dockside before entering each boat. As luck would have it, my favorite shoes where stolen while I was on the second boat I saw at the show. I came out wearing the little blue booties they have you wear in the boats and someone had taken a water bottle that I left in one of my shoes and had thrown it away and the shoes were nowhere to be found. I ended up walking the rest of the show wearing those stupid blue booties. I looked like someone who just escaped from a hospital! I even wore the booties to dinner at the Capital Grill and nobody really noticed.