GoatI’ll be speaking at the Better Photo student summit in Seattle that’s coming up in September. There will be close to a dozen instructors with a sharp focus on photography and digital imaging. I’ll be presenting a Keynote session titled The New Essentials of Photoshop, which will cover how photographers can take advantage of the new features in Photoshop CS2. The summit costs only $297 for two full days of sessions.

If you can’t attend the summit, then consider taking my 8-week on-line class Photoshop Mastery: The Essentials, which starts July 6th. My current class has students from all over the globe including Australia, Ireland, Norway, Canada, Scotland, Israel, Sweden and Spain. It’s really interesting to see new photos each week from such a diverse group of people. This is also the only place where you can ask any many questions as you’d like and get personalized answers directly from me (and have your photos critiqued by me each week) and read the Q&A’s and critiques for all the other students.