I’m back from Hawaii and will be spending this week getting the bus modified and catching up things. I had a great time on Maui and will be returning to teach another 5-day hands-on class there in March.

Here’s a partial list of the things I plan to change on the bus this week:

  • Install satellite dish for Internet access and TV viewing
  • Have the Clothes Washer/Dryer combo unit removed to gain extra storage space (I haven’t used it yet and no plans to do so since it takes a lot of water and can only handle tiny loads… I’d rather use 5 washers at a time at my local laundromat)
  • Swap out the 10 year old convection microwave for a newer, more up to date model (mine didn’t come with the accessories that are needed to use it effectively and it’s a little underpowered compared to the new ones)
  • Have shelves and cubby holes added to the bottom of my closets for more efficient storage
  • Add rope lighting to the bathroom so I can have two choices… mega bright current lighting, or subtle rope light for when my eyes are used to the dark

Next week I’ll he flying to Texas for a corporate training event and then I’ll start exploring a few more National Parks.