VIDEO | Pass Through Blending Mode in Photoshop

This week’s free video focuses on the blending mode of layer groups in Photoshop. When you create a Group (which looks like a folder), its blending mode at the top of the Layers Panel always defaults to Pass Through. Why is that considered normal instead of Normal mode and when might I want to change it? The answer has to do with how blending modes, blending sliders, RGB checkboxes and more affect the contents of what is below the group.

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VIDEO | Knockout Deep & Shallow

This week’s free video lesson covers a feature found inside Photoshop’s Blending Options settings within the Layer Style dialog. The Knockout Deep & Shallow settings allow you to make one layer knock a hole in underlying layers. The most basic use for it is to have text knock a hole through something. We’ll take it much further than that and show you how to use it when converting to black and white and how to gain more control over adjustment layers.

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Instructor rendezvous this week

This past week was a fun one, as I got to meet up with some of my fellow Photoshop instructors and friends. We had Colin Smith, of PhotoshopCAFE, stay with us for a few days and had a great time catching up and taking pictures. With so many conferences having gone virtual these past few years, it was so nice to be able to connect in person again!
We also spent a night out with several of our other instructor and conference friends, having dinner and catching up. It had been too long!

VIDEO | Blending Options: RGB Checkboxes

In this week’s free video lesson, we’re going to learn a bunch of creative effects you can apply using three simple checkboxes. My favorite use is to light an object from three different angles and then combine the three images into a colorful result. I find that most Photoshop users don’t even know what these checkboxes do! Let’s dive in and find out.

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Join me on Instagram

I know I’m late to this party, but I have finally joined Instagram as an educator, Photoshop expert and photographer. I’m not new to the platform, as I have accounts for my vintage service station images and the yoga photo series I share with my wife. Those are very specific though. I wanted a place to share new images, tips, news and what’s going on with me in general. Connect with me there by clicking the link below.

VIDEO: Understanding Multi-Colored Histograms

This week’s free video lesson will show you how to learn more from histograms. The colors that appear in Lightroom, ACR and Photoshop’s histograms can be useful to detect color casts, determine if detail is being lost and to know more about the colors that make up an image. In the video, I start by blindly interpreting a bunch of histograms while I cannot see the image that it represents (but you can). I then explain how basic color works and how that relates to the colors that appear in the histogram. Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss future videos!

Live this Week: The Photoshop Virtual Summit

The Photoshop Virtual Summit is live this week and it’s free to watch! Starting today, the event will be an amazing five days of practical training by the world’s leading Photoshop experts, myself included. Click below to get your free pass, and I’ll see you there!

Video | Learn to Love: Fill Opacity

In this week’s free video, we’re going to learn about the difference between Photoshop’s Opacity and Fill Opacity settings. These two often seem to have identical functionality. That is until you see how particular blending modes and layer styles respond to the two sliders differently. Let’s dive in and see how the Fill Opacity setting can be used to your advantage.

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Free online event: The Photoshop Virtual Summit 4

Remember to sign up for your FREE pass to the Photoshop Virtual Summit, coming up next month, May 2nd through 6th. I’ll be teaching alongside many other amazing fellow Photoshop experts and we’re excited to see you there!