Here's a shot of me with George Fields' Flxible. George is the fabricator and mechanic who is working on my vintage bus.

After Photoshop World, we flew back to Fort Worth and stayed at the shop where the vintage bus is getting worked on. Upon returning, I was excited to find that much progress had been made since we left! I posted the updates on the Creative Cruiser web site right HERE.

It's been a while since I've been in the same location as my vintage bus, so we spent about a week at the shop in Texas so that I could take measurements, work details out with the great team working on the bus and make some crucial decisions regarding the systems it will have. When we finally moved on, I felt really confident that the bus was definitely in the right hands. 


Here's my bus in George's shop, getting lots of TLC. 

When we moved on, the next stop on the map was Tulsa, OK. We stopped here for two reasons: First, my friend and fellow photographer, Joe Glyda, lives in Tulsa and we were psyched to pay him a visit! Second was an exhibit going on at the Philbrook Museum of Art called "American Streamlined Design: The World of Tomorrow." Streamlined design was the follow-up to the art deco period, and it's the style I'm most interested in. When the vintage bus is complete, the interior will feature this kind of design.

Me and Joe at the Philbrook Museum. The grounds there were great!

Our day in Tulsa was a blast. I'm used to seeing Joe in the midst of Photoshop World craziness, so it was nice to have a full day of one-on-one time. We got breakfast and then headed to the Philbrook Museum. There were over 180 streamlined design items on display there, many of which would be great additions to the vintage bus, and some of which… I already have! The grounds of the museum were really surprising, in that I couldnt believe we were in Tulsa! It was a massive and beautifully arranged array of gardens and walkways. 

Photo 2
 Karen and I are heading into the Streamlined Design exhibit at the Philbrook. 

After the museum, Joe showed us around Tulsa a bit and he did a good job at honing in on the stuff we like to shoot. He took us to the massive Tulsa oil man! And man, is he massive! We spent a while shooting there, and I'll hopefully process the images soon. For now, though, here's Karen, sitting on his gigantic shoe. 

Here's Karen sitting on the giant oil man's shoe in Tulsa.

We had a great time touring around Tulsa and spending time with Joe.

Next stop: Colorado (but we have to drive through a lot of nothingness to get there!)