Alliance, OH to Columbus, OH - Google Maps

I picked up the 1963 Flxible Starliner bus today. After spending an hour or two going over the various RV systems with the previous owner, it was time to hit the road. 


My first stop was Loudonville, OH which is where the bus was manufactured. That's where I met up with a local bus expert and saw and amazing collection of memorabilia about the company. I also drove the bus to the actual building where it was made and took a photo of the bus just outside the garage doors where it would have been delivered. 

Today I drove about 160 miles and spent a good portion of my time trying to get used to driving a bus powered by a 1963 vintage motor and a manual transmission… and no power steering. That setup means that I have to slub over big hills at between 35-50 MPH. I plan to repower the bus with an engine that puts out at least twice the power and has a six speed automatic, which should make for a much more enjoyable driving experience.

Originally I was planning to drive up to Michigan to inspect a 1957 Buick that I was thinking about purchasing. I've since decided that I'd rather head South and West right away since making that side trip could easily add three days to my trip. 

I think it will take me 3-4 days to figure out just how far I'll want to drive on an average day… only then will I be able to figure out how long it will take me to get to Los Angeles. I plan to get on Route 66 starting in St. Louis, MO. 

If you have any questions about the bus, just submit them in the comments section and I'll try to answer them… but be sure to first glance at the Vintage Bus Project link on the left sidebar of this page because it just might contain the answer to your question.