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Adobe has just released a public beta of Lightroom. Lightroom is a stand-alone program designed for organizing your photo library, optimizing images, creating slideshows, and printing the results. I’ve worked with the program for a few days and am rather impressed. It is very similar in concept to Apple’s Aperture, but does not have the stringent hardware requirements (Aperture won’t run on my dual 2GHz G5 with 4.5 GB of RAM… I’d need to purchase a new video card). The public beta if free and will expire in June. At the moment it is a Mac-only application, but it will eventually be available for Windows.

A few things I like about Lightroom when compared to Aperture:

• I can run it on just about any machine that can run OSX 10.4

• I can leave my images in their original folders on my hard drive instead of being forced to import them into a different file system

• It seems to be rather fast, even on average machines

• It has a simple and effective method for converting images to grayscale

• It allows me to tweak individual colors without making selections

If you want to find more info on the product, do a search on google for Lightroom and Shadowland (it’s development code name).