A screen shot of the live web cam at the Panama Canal. We tracked the ship our new Mini is on.

This past week has been pretty low key here in San Diego. We’re still waiting on the arrival of our new MINI Countryman, which is currently on a ship heading our way. In the photo above, you’ll see a screen shot from a live web cam of the Panama Canal. We found out that our car is on a ship called “Morning Composer” and we’ve been able to track it when it gets close enough to land. When the ship got close to Panama, Karen started searching for web cams and was thrilled to actually be able to see our Mini going through the canal. The current ETA for the ship to the west coast is the 28th. Then it will still have to make it to the Las Vegas dealership.

Most of the week has been spent getting work done. There are a few of big projects that we’ve been putting the finishing touches on, one of which is a complete revamp of my website. I currently have three different sites: one for training, one for my photography, and this blog. The new site will incorporate all three and it will have a much fresher look to it. Getting that set up has been a lot of work, but when it’s ready (and that should be any day now) it will be a great improvement on what we have now.

Here is a little teaser of what the new site will look like. The fonts might still change, but you get the general idea.

We’re also putting the finishing touches on a new e-book about light painting. It’s nearing completion, and just needs a few more images and editing before we can roll that out. I’ll definitely let everyone know as soon as it’s available.

We did make it out once or twice last week and we checked out the Museum of Contemporary art here in San Diego. I learned that on the third Thursday of every month, admission was free for a few hours, so that’s when we went. There were a couple of interesting installations there, but overall, the contemporary art isn’t exactly our thing. To us, the gift shop had the most interesting things to see! If you get a chance to go, be sure to walk through the very tight green hallway installation, which will get your brain to set its visual white balance to correct for the extremely green light, which will make it look like white light. When you exit the hallway, the room you end up in will take on an extreme magenta color cast even though the walls are painted white.

Overall, that has been our week! Like I said before, it’s been low-key and for good reason. More to come…