I’ve been lazy (blog-wise) for the last few weeks and took the first trip I can remember without my camera gear. I’m currently reworking my camera bag setup so that I don’t have to check my luggage when traveling. I’ll let you know more about the new setup once I’ve had a chance to test it (I’m trying out some more ThinkTank bags).

Last week, I flew to Minneapolis, visited some friends and then gave a corporate seminar at the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo was my first corporate client and they’ve been bringing me back every other year for more than a dozen years. To finish off that week, I flew to Cincinnati, OH and spoke at a two-day ASMP event. I had a great time with this fun bunch of people and I just might post an odd photo or two from the event later this week (if I can talk myself into actually posting the wacky photo they took in my honor).

This week I’ll be speaking at another corporate training event in Marietta, GA (where the bus is current parked) and visiting with some friends in the area.

The photograph above is one of the few nudes that I’ll post here. It was taken earlier this year while visiting California. I’m not trying to make a statement with the shot or anything… I just wanted to shoot something that was different, since I’ve seen too many predictable nude photographs. I’m going to try to talk myself into processing and posting at least one image a day for the next few weeks (but I’m making no promises that I’ll actually get around to it).