After spending the morning in the Everglades, I headed up to Venice, FL to visit Herb Paynter. I attended one of Herb’s seminar way back in 1992 and have used his ScanPrepPro software back then. It was good to catch up with Herb and hear about his past and current adventures.

I parked just off the beach and enjoyed the cool breezes. I went for a morning walk down the beach and kept hearing about people finding shark’s teeth, but I was too blind to find one.

My afternoon was spent visiting the Photoshop Guys over at NAPP headquarters near Tampa. Everyone had a tour of the bus, we went to lunch, and then I recorded a tip for Photoshop TV (their free Photoshop related video blog… search on the iTunes music store to find it). It sounds like they might end up talking about the bus on next week’s episode.

My fuel tank was nearing empty as I left Tampa, so I stopped by the local Flying-J’s and filled her up. The total bill was just over $500!

Tonight, I’m parked at a rest stop an hour or so North of Tampa. There are 18-wheelers on each side of me and I’m using earplugs to make sure I won’t wake up as more trucks pull in.

Posted from rest stop on I-75 North