This week’s free video lesson will show you how to learn more from histograms. The colors that appear in Lightroom, ACR and Photoshop’s histograms can be useful to detect color casts, determine if detail is being lost and to know more about the colors that make up an image. In the video, I start by blindly interpreting a bunch of histograms while I cannot see the image that it represents (but you can). I then explain how basic color works and how that relates to the colors that appear in the histogram. Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss future videos!

Live this Week: The Photoshop Virtual Summit

The Photoshop Virtual Summit is live this week and it’s free to watch! Starting today, the event will be an amazing five days of practical training by the world’s leading Photoshop experts, myself included. Click below to get your free pass, and I’ll see you there!