Here I am with my vintage bus in the Fort Worth area.

My Dallas/Fort Worth trip

While the bus was parked in Albuquerque, I spent the first few days of the week in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I presented my "From Focus to Finished" seminar in Arlington on Monday and it went great! This destination actually worked out quite well because my vintage bus happens to be located in Fort Worth, and I was eager to see it. I saw that progress has been made on the engine and body, and during my stay I was able to configure more of my 3D bus model.To learn more about my vintage bus, visit the site at or for more frequent updates, follow the Cruiser on Facebook.

Me, after getting my shots to go to Africa.

First visit to a travel doctor

When I arrived back from my Texas trip, I learned that Karen had made us both appointments with a travel doctor to get the vaccines we needed for our upcoming trip to Africa. It was actually quite helpful to see a doc that specializes in this stuff, because she really gave us a lot of info and spent time going over the areas we'll be visiting. (South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana) We both got hepatitis A shots and I got tetanus as well (Karen already had that one). We also got an oral vaccine for Typhoid and another for Malaria. The doc actually had special bug spray she recommended for Africa, and we got that too.

Karen completely revamped her blog, The Pixel Diaries, using WordPress.

An education in WordPress

As far as websites go, Karen and I both agree that WordPress is the way to go. We just had to learn it. This week, we pretty much went to town on it, watching tutorial videos and reading help forums. I would eventually like to migrate my sites to WordPress, but we need to have a good handle on it before that. Karen actually dove right in and completely revamped her Pixel Diaries site over the course of a week. She had been using Blogger and wanted something more professional, with more control. There was a lot of trial and error with her site, as tweaking WP themes can be tricky, but in the end it looks pretty nice. You can check out her new site HERE.

Our great friends Chris and Cherie pull up in our RV park to be neighbors, yet again!

A convergence of friends!

It seems rare that we would go a week without meeting up with friends around the country. This week, Chris and Cherie, of Technomadia, decided to pop in for a few days prior to their eastward journey. This will be the 12th state that we have met up in together! Over the past few years, we've really grown close with Chris and Cherie, and it feels so natural to be neighbors.

As if that weren't enough, our friends Steve and Beverly (from Las Vegas) were also visiting for the Balloon Fiesta! We all went to dinner at a nice brewery, and then Karen got to meet up with them again on the Fiesta grounds. It's a small world!


The Balloon Fiesta

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is one of the largest hot air balloon festivals in the world, and that's what originally drew us to this town. I had been to the Fiesta once before, but it was a first for Karen. I had to fly out for another From Focus to Finished seminar, and while I was away, Karen, Chris and Cherie went to explore the festival grounds. I look forward to shooting there as soon as I return!

More to come…