Our inventory of my new book just arrived. If you've ordered a copy from my web site, then it should be making its way to you very soon. FYI: Amazon is still listing the title as a pre-order with no expected ship date and peachpit's web site (the publisher) has it listed as in-stock, but is charging $22.49 as their discounted price. If you order it from us before 11/16/2008, then you'll get $7 off the cover price, which brings your price down to just $17.99. 

If you want to learn what's new in CS4 and you want the most in-depth coverage of these features that you'll find anywhere, then this book is a must. It covers every change made to Photoshop CS4 and nothing else (other than just enough about CS3 to make the CS4 features make sense). If you have a working knowledge of CS3, then this book was written specifically for you. Also, if you're on the fence about upgrading and really need to know if it would be worth it in your specific situation, then this book will allow you to assess exactly what you'd get by upgrading to CS4.

Here's what some industry insiders said about the book after reviewing a pre-publication copy:

“Ben is, without a doubt, one of the most gifted and talented Photoshop teachers on the planet, and this book is a brilliant way to learn the new features fast, in a way that only Ben can teach it. Highly recommended!”

–Scott Kelby  Editor & Publisher, Photoshop User Magazine  (PhotoshopUser.com)

“I don’t read Photoshop books anymore, except one—Ben Willmore’s Up to Speed. Even though many of us in the photographic community are members of the Photoshop development and beta teams, we still read this book. You don’t need to read another thing. Ben is a force of Nature.”

–George DeWolfe  Senior Editor, View Camera and Camera Arts Magazines  (GeorgeDeWolfe.com)

“Ben is no shill, he doesn’t just tell you what’s new and great… if he sees a weakness he’s quick to point that out as well. If you want a comprehensive and easy to read update on the latest version of Photoshop, then Ben’s book is the one for you.”

–Taz Tally  Author, Avoiding the Output Blues  (TazSeminars.com)

“Ben has done it again! He has taken the voodoo out of the new release of CS4 and made it simple and easy to do more then just get up to speed. I depend on his book to make the new release a quick learn and usable tool in my workflow and teaching. He does not disappoint, his new book makes me look like a genius!”

–Moose Peterson  Author 23 books and Nikon Legend Behind the Lens  (MoosePeterson.com)

“The quickest way I get up to speed on EVERY new version of Photoshop is to talk Ben in to letting me read his Up To Speed books just before they go to press. I find them to be concise, to the point and explained in such a way that just makes sense. I wish every Photoshop book was written with the ease of Ben’s books.”

–Vincent Versace  Author, Welcome to OZ: A Cinematic Approach to Digital Photography(VersacePhotography.com) 

“Ben has once again saved me valuable time in getting going on the latest version of Photoshop. What I like most about Ben’s way of addressing Photoshop is that he has become an excellent photographer, understands how photographers think and makes it all understandable and relatively simple. That’s a pretty neat trick with all that Photoshop does!”

– George D. Lepp  Field Editor, Outdoor Photographer and PC Photo Magazines (GeoLepp.com)

“Tastes Great – Less Filling!!! That’s right, Ben delivers ALL the meat about what’s new in CS4, with none of the wasted calories associated with wading through giant buffet-sized books! An absolute must-have! Don’t hesitate. Without this book, you are wasting precious time, energy and money.”

– Jack Davis  Author of the Photoshop Wow and How to Wow series (AdventuresInPhotoshop.com)

“Ben’s insights in his Up to Speed books always save me so much time.  With Ben’s help I can quickly learn the newest, most important features in Photoshop without having to wade through a lot of useless information.  Ben delivers all I need in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner.  Once again he delivers a book I can’t live without!”

–Lewis Kemper  Contributing Editor, Outdoor Photographer and PC Photo Magazines (LewisKemper.com) 

“I have always enjoyed the way that Ben explains things. He makes even complex subjects seem easy. Add to this, his passion for the art and you have a book that not only informs but also inspires.”

– Colin Smith  Author or Co-Author of more than 15 books on Photoshop (PhotoshopCAFE.com)

“You’ve worked with Photoshop for years. You already know the program. You don’t need a refresher course. You just need to know what’s new. This book is for you!”

–Pete Bauer  Author, Photoshop for Dummies

One of the reasons I look forward to a new version of Photoshop is not necessarily in the program itself or the new bells and whistles as much as knowing that there will be a new UP TO SPEED book that will make all of the new stuff really rock for me. If you want to be the best at what you do, Ben’s book is just for you.”

–Randy Hufford  Director of New Technology, Institute Of Visual Arts Maui (ivaMaui.com).

“A new version of Photoshop! What do all these new things do? Don’t worry, Ben guides you through what is new in a way that makes the anxiety go away. Ben is the medicine for the headache of the upgrade transition.”

– Bert Monroy  Hyper-realistic Artist and Author Photoshop Studio: Digital Painting (BertMonroy.com)

The table of contents is as follows:

Chapter 1 Bridge CS4 2

Where’s My Stuff? 3

Interface Changes 6

Path Bar 15

Collections Panel 16

Output Panel 17

Misc. Changes 20

Chapter 2 Camera Raw 5.0 26

Where’s My Stuff? 27

  Adjustment Brush 28

Graduated Filter 33

Post Crop Vignetting 34

Misc. Improvements 36

Chapter 3 Interface Changes 38

Where’s My Stuff? 39

Terminology 40

Redesigned Panels 41

Application Bar 42

Tabbed Windows 44

Application Frame 45

Misc. Changes 46

Chapter 4 Adjustments 48

Where’s My Stuff? 49

Adjustments Panel 50

Vibrance Adjustment 55

Targeted Adjustment Icon 57

Misc. Changes 58

Chapter 5 Tools 60

Where’s My Stuff? 61

Brushes 62

Retouching Tools 64

Notes Tool 67

Rotate View Tool 68

Navigation Methods 69

Misc. Changes 72

Chapter 6 Layers 74

Where’s My Stuff? 75

Content-Aware Scale 76

Auto-Align Layers 80

Auto-Blend Layers 83

Photomerge 89

Smart Objects 90

Masks Panel 94

Misc. Changes 98

Chapter 7 General Improvements 100

Where’s My Stuff? 101

Color Range 102

Flash Panels 108

Save for Web & Devices 110

Color Management 113

Misc. Changes 120

Index 124