Ilinklogo_1If you have a work phone number, home number, fax number, cell number and assistants phone number, then how do people know which number to call in each situation? I’ve been using an i-Link One Number for years and thought you might also want to know about it (no I’m not associated with them in any way what so ever). When you sign up for this service you get a toll-free number that will simultaneously dial up to five phone numbers at once… and a lot more:

• When someone calls, they have to announce their name before your
phone will ring and when you answer, you can choose to send the caller
to voice mail or take the call, all without the caller knowing you even
answered the phone. You can also record custom names so that your
spouse only needs to record their name once and the system
automatically uses that recording whenever it receives a call from that
number. No unsolicited sales people ever leave their name, so I never
get sales calls.
• If you’re already on a call, the service will
‘whisper in’ to let you know who is calling (the other caller can’t
hear a thing) and you can put your current caller on hold if you’d like
to take the call or create a three-way conference call between all the
• You can forward someone to a different phone number if you’d like your office to handle the call.
• You can transfer a call from your home or office phone to your cell phone without ending the call.
• You can setup for conference call with up to 12 people from any phone.

You can set it up to send you an e-mail whenever someone calls or
leaves a message, or even set it up to automatically send the messages
to you as e-mail.
• You can listen to your messages on-line or on any phone.
• Callers can send faxes to the number that you can either forward to a fax machine later, or read on-line.
• You call the same toll-free number to access your voice mail or change the system’s setup.

What’s great about this is that you end up with a single toll-free
number that you give out to everyone (business and personal) and you
can check messages from any phone or on the Internet. I simply love
this service and have been using it for as long as I can remember (I’m
guessing six+ years).