Kicking off my Photoshop Artistry Seminar Tour

So far, 2013 has been quite the travel year. Considering I live on the road, full-time, that statement sound a little odd, I suppose. I guess what I mean is that it’s been full of event-related travel, much of which has been via air, not highway. Things have been busy, in a great way!

It wasn’t two days since I returned from my trip to the Light Workshops in Los Osos, CA, that I was back on a plane again, en route to New York City, for the first of my Photoshop Artistry seminars, with Kelby Training. I taught the one-day seminar, got on a plane to Washington DC and then presented the seminar there on the following day. This is a new seminar tour, full of completely new content, so these first two events were interesting for me. It can be tricky to make sure everything is timed right and that all the topics are covered thoroughly, but I think things went very well overall and the feedback has been really positive.

The Photoshop Artistry seminar is broken into five, 1-hour segments that cover creative compositing, adding dimension to your images, essential masking techniques, advanced blending modes and jaw-dropping tips. To learn more, and to see when I’ll be coming to your area, check out the event page HERE.

The upcoming tour dates are:

April 12: Portland, Oregon

April 22: Denver, Colorado

After my two events on the east coast, I returned to the bus, which is near Eugene, Oregon, where my vintage bus is getting its new interior installed. Lots of progress has been made in the past several weeks, and we’ve been doing a lot of work in planning the layout. I’ve also spent some time this week looking at wood veneers, as that’s the next thing we’ll have to pick out. You can follow the vintage bus project on facebook for more frequent updates.

Coming up…

In one week, I’m teaching a 2-day online course at creativeLIVE called “Mastering Photoshop: The Fundamentals.” You can tune it April 1-2 at and while it’s live, it’s free! You can learn more or sign up HERE.

I’ll probably spend the rest of the week working up upcoming training events as well as the vintage bus interior. More to come!


creativeLIVE & more upcoming training events!

Many thanks to the creativeLIVE team for snapping this photo of me on set.

Hi gang! I just got back from Seattle, where I had an excellent time teaching two online courses at creativeLIVE. I taught a 3-day course on Lightroom Mastery and a 1-day class on Photoshop Mastery: Advanced Masking. If you’re not familiar with creativeLIVE, I highly recommend checking them out. They broadcast live training almost every day, and while its live, it’s completely free to watch. If you decide you like the class, you can purchase it to either stream or download the videos to watch at your convenience. You also must purchase the class in order to get all the course materials. Folks who purchase my Lightroom and Masking classes actually receive a special bonus, because as I was teaching, Karen was following along, creating comprehensive handbooks to go with each class. The Masking handbook is 18 pages long and the Lightroom handbook is 50 pages long!

For more information on the classes or to purchases a course, check out the links below:

Lightroom Mastery

Photoshop Mastery: Advanced Masking

While we were up in Seattle, we got to meet up with my friend Erica Gamet, who also happened to be in town teaching classes at creativeLIVE! Her iBooks Author and InDesign classes were broadcast on the days following my courses. It was nice to be able to catch up with her in such a fun environment.

Me, Karen and Erica hang out after my creativeLIVE classes wrap up.

New Seminar Tour!

And now for some more training news. I’m happy to announce the launch of my new seminar tour, Photographic Artistry with Adobe Photoshop! This will be a full day seminar packed with Photoshop techniques designed to give your photos a creative edge. You’ll learn how to transform a collection of ordinary photographs into seamless, stunning composites. Learn how to remove difficult objects from complex backgrounds, add dimension and depth to your 2D images, master 3D photographic effects, discover the power of Photoshop’s Blending modes, and so much more.

The first two tour dates are March 19 in New York, NY and March 20 in Washington DC. For more information check out the seminar page HERE.

Mastering HDR & Lightpainting

Finally, while we’re on the training topic, there’s still room in my 5-day workshop on HDR & Lightpainting, coming up March 11-15. This will be an intense double feature of a workshop, covering two of my favorite photographic techniques. Once you feel comfortable with those two specialties, then you’ll be able to expand your shooting range beyond the standard golden hour and capture idealized images regardless of what time of day you encounter an interesting subject. This event is being held by the Light Workshops in Los Osos, CA. The gang at Light is great to work with, and students always receive hands-on, one-on-one instruction during these training events. For more information or to register, click HERE.

That’s it for now, everyone. During the next week, we’ll be hanging out in the Eugene, OR area nailing down the layout for the interior of my vintage bus. The shop that’s working on it is making progress every day now. If you’d like to follow the updates, check out the Creative Cruiser Facebook page HERE. More to come…