A Week in the Sunshine State

Hi Gang! This past week was spent in Florida, for a mix of work and fun. On Friday, I taught my Photoshop Creativity seminar, which is part of the Kelby Training tour, but we decided to spend the week in the Tampa area because Karen’s parents recently bought a house down there. Her parents flew down as well, so it was fun hanging out with them. (As fas as in-laws go, they’re pretty great.)

For the most part, it was a quiet week, but we did head to Orlando for a day to check out the Disney Food & Wine Festival in Epcot. As you probably know, the “World Showcase” makes up more than half of Epcot and it features mini-villages themed after different countries around the world. During the festival, each country has its own tasting menu, so you can basically eat your way around the world. And that’s what we did! We did go on some of the rides there, but the food fest was the main attraction for us.

After the week in Florida, we hopped on another plane and flew to San Luis Obispo, for the Annual California Photo Festival. The event is put on by the Light Workshops, which is nearby in Los Osos, CA, and they really do a great job. I am teaching several classes, most of which are focused on HDR photography and Lightpainting. But more on that in the next post!

More to come!


EpcotPanolage-lowresKaren made this panollage from Epcot

EpcotFoodFest-57Karen at the Food & Wine Festival at Disney

EpcotFoodFest-45Here I am with Karen’s parents, Tom and Joann, in Epcot.

TampaSeminar-webMy Kelby Training seminar in Tampa