I’m roughing it tonight at the Liberty Coach parking lot (that’s where I bought the coach). I met Jill, Stu, Joe and Pam there, and we watched Eagles and Doors videos on their 42" outside TV along with fire-pit. It was really roughing it I tell ya 😉

Over the last week I’ve been boon-docking (living with no electrical or sewer hookups) at PhotoshopWorld and across from a friend’s condo in Miami. So far, I’ve been able to go for seven days without having to hook to any power or fill/dump my tanks. I’m sure I’ll be able to extend that length once I learn to conserve water better.

At PhotoshopWorld I had approx. 50 people come through the coach. Their reactions where very positive and they were amazed at how nice the accommodations are. It was nice to be living right out side the convention center so I could go back to the coach to take a break.

The worst thing that’s happened to me so far has been downtown traffic and construction. It’s not fun trying to drive a 40′ coach around downtown when there’s a lot of traffic around. Driving on the interstate is sooo comfortable that I’d much prefer it over driving any other vehicle.

Posted From: Liberty Coach, Stuart, FL